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Copper + Linen

Featured in the print edition of Hello May Magazine, only available in Australia!

Styling/planner: Bisous Events
Photo: Alyssa Wodabek
Florals: Ashley Elaine Kimmel
Video: One Heart Films
Suit: Indochino
Groom's accessories: Tytan Ties
Dress: Maureen Patricia
Bridal accessories: Posh Veils & The Loved One
Makeup: The Look Bridal
Hair: Puzzle Creations
Rentals: Plate Occasions
Cake: Crumb and Berry
Venue: Berkeley Events

Translucent Editorial

Featured on Ruffled Blog

Planning and Production: Bisous Events
Makeup and Production: The Look Bridal
Photography: Purple Tree Photography
Floral Design: Coyote Flowers
Venue: Airship 37
Wedding Dress and Accessories: White Toronto / Galia Lahav
Jewelry: Anice Jewelry
Engagement Rings: Bluboho
Wardrobe Styling: Katie Goodfellow
Hair: Morgan Inniss
Wedding Cake: Sweet Regards
Furniture Rentals: Detailz Couture
Tabletop Rentals: Plate Occasions
Stationery: Maison Maquette
Model: Sam Leung (B&M Models)
Tea favour: Bottled With Love

Video by One Heart Films:

Engagement photos in Paris... Ontario!

Evolylla Photography

Evolylla Photography

Paris, France has a lot of meaning to both of us. My husband, Joseph, was born and raised just in a suburb outside of Paris and spent a lot of his adulthood living in Paris. After a little over a year together, this is the city where I first met his extended family, that he is so close to, on our first trip together. Right after getting back from our trip to "La Ville-Lumière" or the City of Lights, I started Bisous Events, inspired by the colours and ambiance of the romantic city and the charming surrounding countryside.

So when we got engaged, we wanted to find a locale that reminded us of France. We found out there was a town of Paris, Ontario just a short drive outside of Toronto so even before I saw any images of the town, we knew we had to take the drive out. We had our photographer, Ally from Evolyally Photography, drive out with us for a fun day of engagement photos. 

We wanted a casual vibe so Joseph wore linen pants, a button up with a vest (no jacket) and I wore a flowy, off-the-shoulder dress. Unfortunately, the weather was surprisingly chilly in comparison to the days prior. Regardless, we had such a fun time wandering the quaint main street and driving the country roads up to the town. Since we're not professional models and a little awkward, I wanted to have something pretty to carry so I didn't have to worry about what to do with my hands which is why I asked the oh-so-talented Coyote Flowers to create me a neutral palette bouquet... it was absolutely stunning! On the way there, I had to make a pit stop and ended up at the only place I could find... a retro diner. As a lover of movies, Joseph adored the diner since it reminded him of all the old American movies he watched growing up. We shared a hot dog and chocolate milkshake. Ally took the opportunity to take some of my favourite candid photos. Anytime I have been around Ally, it seems I'm always eating something so there are plenty photos of me eating tangerines, fries, hot dog or sipping on tea, coffee or milkshake. I didn't realize it until I went through all the phoots, it made me laugh but hey... I get hangry. 

We spent the rest of the chilly afternoon to enjoy the scenery of the bridge, main street and cute shops in Paris, Ontario. Many of the cafes and restaurants have beautiful backs patios that overlook the stream where we enjoyed some tea to warm us up. As the sunset, I made a quick change of clothes in what I love to wear most, my black leather jacket and boots, to explore any cute stops we could find on the way back to the city. The day fully reflected what Joseph and I love to do most, share meals and go on little adventures travelling around whether it be in Iceland or a park in Hamilton. 

Moral of the story:

  • A good photographer will capture the best moments regardless of the setting and it doesn't mean you have to do it during the golden hour (aka sunset). 
  • If you want to do an indoor or outdoor shoot, always double check if you need a permit for that park or restaurant.
  • Don't forget to get some prints! Digital images are great but nothing is better than a physical copy to cherish.
  • Lastly, do what feels natural and fun to both of you for the most authentic photoshoot. The best images are usually ones that feels true to you both. Think of incorporating your home, favourite outfit or pet.

Photos: Ally Ho / Evolally Photography
Hair: Justin / Puzzle Creations
Make-up: Erin Winn / The Look Bridal
Florals: Coyote Flowers
Menswear: 18 waits

Intimate Chapel Wedding at The Doctor's House - D&K

After imagining her big day for many years and having planned her engagement party (that we planned) years prior, it was finally the day!

The bride, Daniela, had always imagined a romantic intimate wedding... so that's exactly what she got! With a mixture of lots of candles, gold, grey and blush, D&K's wedding day was nothing short of beautiful. When we went out to see the Doctor's House together, Daniela fell in love with the rustic charm, the vaulted ceilings, the lush gardens, the intimate feeling and the candle-lit chapel with the big bell you rung when you got married.

On the big day, the groom got ready with his brothers and the bride with her best friends. I had previously met the bride through a mutual friend but also as a bridesmaid at her bridemaids' wedding the year prior so it was nice to see so many familiar faces. Daniela's wedding gown not only fit her like the glove but fit the day just perfectly - a little glam, sexy, vintage and romantic. The bride asked for lots of greenery which she definitely got in all the bouquets and the stunning centrepieces by Minim Designs. 

We added extra flickering candles to the already stunning chapel (that has no electricity, just the existing candles) and some lush florals. For the reception space, we filled the space with lots of candles to set the ambiance and florals cascading around the couple at their sweetheart table. The couple's table was draped in a flowy transparent linen and the grey linen with asymmetrical florals and decor. The bride filled up with tears when she saw how her magical day came together.

The reception began with the couple coming in to Arabic drummers and the night ended with everyone dancing around the newlyweds! Thank you to everyone that made this day so special for the bride and groom.

Full Planning: Bisous Events
Venue: The Doctor's House - Chapel and Heritage room
Photographer: Inna Y.
Video: QT Films

Honeymoon: Cuba!

Tips when visiting Havana & Varadero, Cuba for your honeymoon or any vacation

Hola amigos!

We are back from our honeymoon with sun-kissed skin. I now understand what Camila Cabello was talking about... Havana really does have my heart. Although it was only a 3-hour flight away, Havana really felt like another world; a quant Latin-European city right out of the 1950's. I thoroughly enjoyed the architecture, the bright colours and the people with such a strong sense of community. Anyone thinking of where to go on their honeymoon that does not have more than a week away from work but wants a good mix of culture and relaxation, consider a Havana and Varadero get-away. It is also a more cost-effective option but remember, foreigners are always given a different currency so Cuba is actually quite pricey when you're outside of your all-inclusive resort. If visiting Havana, be sure to at least stay overnight for 1 day if not so a couple days.

Here are some of my tips when going to Cuba on your honeymoon or on vacation:

  1. Bring lots of sunscreen and a hat. Of course you want a tan but trust me, it can get scorching especially mid-day! Bring some aloe versa just in case you fall asleep in the sun.
  2. Bring lots of anything you need. Cuba is not like other countries where if you forget anything, it's easily purchased. It is most likely not available or super expensive! This includes any personal items like lotion, conditioner, hair spray and tampons/pads.
  3. Don't bring American money. There is a 10% surcharge for American currency so bring that Canadian cash. You can exchange it upon arrival (just enough until you can get to to a bank or another place or exchange). There are 2 currencies, one for foreigners and one for locals; the key is that the convertible pesos (foreigner money) is the equivalent of the US dollar and will have monuments on them instead of faces. Be sure when you get back your change it's always the foreigner peso or else you're losing 25x face value (1 CUC = 25 CUP).
  4. Make lots of change. You'll need to tip lots and it is about 10% however tip 15% if you liked the service. Many places won't be able to give you change since they may be operating in CUP (local pesos) or they don't want to give you their change so it's on you to have exact change. Banks will give you the best rate (bring your passport to exchange money) but oddly enough, our hotel in Central Park in Old Havana gave us the best rate we could find!
  5. Adaptor. Some hotels and resorts can differ but usually they will use a euro adapter so bring a universal one if you have one.
  6. A travel guide or download the offline map. I have been to plenty of third world countries but this is the one that has been the hardest to get internet. Even if you get it, it's 99% not free even at your 5-star hotel. This may be the best time to make sure you have space on your phone, an offline map, and all the places and directions you wanted to visit/eat at saved on your phone. Either way, it's a great way to disconnect from the real world and work emails!
  7. A good relaxing book. Since you'll be soaking in some sun and disconnecting from the world, bring a good read.
  8. A lock for your suitcase. So, it sounds a little terrible to be untrusting but regardless, it's better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you take care of your cash and have photo copies of your ID. Overall, Cuba is a safe country but just to be safe side.
  9. A towel. Some casa particulars are known to be missing some items so bring a towel just in case.
  10. Umbrella and a windbreaker. It can be very windy along the beach or malecon at night so make sure you have something to  keep you warm and dry.
  11. Stomach pills. Your stomach may not be used to their food and as we mentioned, the pharmacy doesn't have much so bring this with you.
  12. TP and hand sanitizer. Self-explanatory. There aren't many public washrooms, especially ones that have soap and/or toilet paper.
  13. Flash light. As a communist country, there may be be power outages. If there isn't, it is still very dark at night to reserve energy even in highly populated tourist areas so a flash light isn't a crazy idea. We couldn't even see on the beach a few metres ahead of us if the moon wasn't visible and on the sometimes bumpy cobble stone roads in Havana, a flash light would've come in handy.
  14. Bug spray. Havana wasn't an issue but I sure did get bitten in Varadero even by the beach.
  15. Bring some gifts for the locals. Here are some items they desperately need or would like: Tylenol/Advil, bars of soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail polish, band-aids, razors, spices, baby toys, clothes, sweets/chocolate, and of course, a little tip here and there where ever you can.

Bon voyage... but in Spanish!

Old Havana, Cuba taken by my husband

Old Havana, Cuba taken by my husband

my hubby & I   

my hubby & I


Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba


French Café Shoot - featured on Grey Likes Weddings

Warm neutrals in this Parisienne-inspired photoshoot

Neutrals are so hot right now for weddings during all seasons.

Bisous Events was obviously French-inspired in its name (Bisous meaning kisses) and so when we got the chance to team up with international French photographer, Lénaïc Sanz, we knew we had to do something to nod to the always-inspiring city of Paris, France! 

Lénaïc sent me an image of a Parisian lady sipping coffee and I loved the warm tones in the image for a cafe-inspired shoot. I immediately looked for venues that gave a gritty, historical and warm vibe in Toronto while Lénaïc was in town. The French Café photoshoot was set in nowhere other than above an existing coffee shop, Merchants of Green Coffee, in the Jam Factory venue space. The venue provided lots of natural light on the cloudy day (which lent well to the shoot since Paris is known for its cloudy days), exposed bricks and beams and access to hot espresso downstairs! 

The bride, Tanya, sipped on her espresso as she got ready for her big day in her custom lace robe by Catalfo. Make-up by Ford Beauty and hair by Bridal Hair Collective was effortless glam. This classic wedding deserved beautiful stationery to reflect the mood by Paper Mache Co. Every bride needs 2 gowns (am I right?) for the ceremony and reception, both from Sash and Bustle and rings by Anouk Jewelry. The ceremony space was entirely assembled on-site by the talented designer behind Mums Garden, Erin with fresh latte-coloured florals. The table also was adorned in florals and flowy fabrics and accentuated with the chocolate-coloured cutlery. Le Dolci supplied the lovely cake.

Merci beaucoup to all the vendors that participated in this chic photoshoot!

Featured on Grey Likes Weddings - click here to see the full feature!

Planner, producer & stylist: Jessica Auvray / Bisous / IG @bisous_events / FB: bisousevents / twitter bisous_events 

Photo: Lénaïc Sanz / IG @sanzlena

Venue: Jam Factory IG @jamfactoryto

Model: Tanya / B&M Models @bnmmodels

Hair: Amy Griffiths IG @bridalhaircollective

Make-up: Janet Ford / / Instagram: Ford_Beauty

Florals: Erin / Mum’s Garden IG @mumsgardenfloral

Dress & Accessories: Sash & Bustle / Andrea Dineen IG @sashandbustle / gowns: Ivy & Aster "Heron" and Truvelle “Sasha”

Robe: Sarah Catalfo / BY CATALFO / IG @bycatalfo

Ring: Anouk Jewelry / / FB: anoukjewelry / twitter: ANOUKbyAnat / IG @anoukjewelry

Table top rentals: (Bisous Events) / Chairs: (owned by florist)

Cake: Lisa / Le Dolci / IG, Twitter: @ledolci /

Stationery: Yan / Paper Mache co. @papermacheco