Purpletree Photography

Purpletree Photography


With 8 months left to go before our wedding, we found ourselves overwhelmed with who to choose on a few aspects of the wedding (i.e. choosing a vendor for invitations and day of stationery as well as rental companies for cutlery, plates and furniture).

We knew that we wouldn’t need a full wedding planner as the big items were out of the way, and day of coordination was almost too little for what we felt we still needed to do. When we came across the partial wedding planning package for Bisous Events, we felt like it had exactly what we wanted!

Within a week, we had a meeting with Jessica to discuss what we’d done, what we still had left to do, and how she could fill the gaps. She asked for our wedding inspiration and what we envisioned, and set us up with various vendors in a timely manner. Even in our discussions with these new vendors, Jessica was always a part of the conversations and provided her thoughts and opinions when we were unable to make a decision – she was able to see the big picture and how various aspects would work together in our venue space.

On the day of the wedding and even in the couple of weeks prior, it was clear one of our best decisions (vendor wise) was choosing Jessica. She was able to coordinate the numerous vendors to ensure that the day went off without any issues. We were given a detailed wedding timeline in the days prior to the wedding, and looking back, the timeline as written was almost exactly the same as what happened on the day of.

All of our guests in attendance had nothing but good things to say about our wedding day, and so much of the success can be attributed to Jessica who made sure that the wedding reflected us through and through. It should also be noted that Jessica got married herself just two weeks prior to our wedding, - how she managed to have this personal time and still handle our wedding, we’ll never know! She was able to tackle everything with a positive attitude and a smile on her face, and we would absolutely recommend Jessica. So many guests commented on how relaxed I was throughout the day, and it was because I knew everything was under control and in good hands with Jessica. Thanks again for everything Jessica, you did an amazing job!!

Neil Ta Photography

Neil Ta Photography


Finding out about Bisous Events was the luckiest discovery I could have possibly made. 

When I began planning my wedding, I saw their work on Instagram one day and bookmarked some photos as inspiration, and kept going back to gawk at them. I had never considered having a wedding planner, but when my wedding was six months away, I had a panic attack. With so many decisions to make, family pressures/(strong) opinions, and budgeting anxieties, I felt I had lost control. I no longer knew what I wanted for my wedding; if I was on time, too late or too early to do things; and lost confidence in my abilities to put it together. 

I went back to the Instagram photos from Bisous Events, and decided to contact them.

I am so grateful that I did. Jessica Auvray helped me every step of the way. Although she was planning other weddings at the same time, I still felt like I had her on my side 100%. She is incredibly organized, very responsive, has great taste in decor - she has the ability to make your wedding exude a feeling, not just make it look pretty - and is bossy in the best possible way. She also seems to know the most stylish vendors in the city in order to pull the whole look together, including the smallest of details. On the day of our wedding, we already knew in advance that we didn't have to worry about logistics. Jessica and her assistant ran the show and ensured everything went as planned. I couldn't have imagined having the wedding we had if it weren't for Jessica. Throughout the six months of working with her, I also got to know her as a person and she is simply lovely. She is thoughtful, encouraging, supportive and patient. These are qualities that I don't think wedding planners necessarily need to have in order to do a good job, however they are qualities that make her stand out. I felt like I had a friend helping me. 

In short: she rocks. If you are in need of a planner, or even if you don't think you need one, I highly recommend Bisous Events.

Liat A.

Liat A.


We couldn’t recommend Bisous Events more highly. Before we hired Jessica, we were drowning in wedding decisions and had no idea what was good, fair or possible. We wanted to plan our wedding in six months, and it would have been literally impossible without Jessica. She recommended all our vendors and negotiated us great prices on everything. In her first week, she managed to negotiate off two thousand from the price of our venue!

We were so busy with work throughout the planning process, and Jessica was so accommodating with our constant rescheduling and lateness in responding. She had everything under control the whole way.

We had a demanding vision, and Jessica was patient and took the time understand what we wanted, and perfectly executed the day. Her staff onsite were a dream to work with and pulled everything off with lots of last minute demands and changes from us. We were hard to work with (sorry Jess!), but Jessica always made us feel like everything would be okay and we trusted her taste and direction completely.

If, like us, you need help navigating the thicket of the wedding industry, put yourself in Jessica’s capable hands. It was the best choice we made in planning our wedding.


Lucas and Tay Photography

Lucas and Tay Photography


When planning my wedding, I had some concerns about my venue coordinator and sought out a planner to help make sure our day ran smoothly. I found Bisous Events after searching like pages on Instagram and after our initial meeting, I knew I had to have her help with our day. Jessica was amazing to work with and I felt like I was sitting and chatting with an old friend during each of our planning sessions. I actually felt bad a few times following our sessions, because I was worried that I was taking up too much of her time, as we would just continue chatting not always about wedding things. She had great ideas and suggestions, taking into account my own personal style, while making recommendations based on her experience what would look best and function best for our day. Jessica was always prompt with her responses to my questions and as I was pretty laid back kept me on a realistic timeline without being pushy. When speaking with vendors she was forceful when needed and really helped to voice my concerns, which I definitely benefited from. She organized vendors who I wouldn't have thought of using or likely would not have found. On our actual wedding day, she made sure everything ran smoothly. Before I even had time to voice a concern, she came running over to me once saying "you have a look on your face, what's wrong", which is a testament to how quickly she knew my character and personality to know without me saying anything that something was wrong. I would highly recommend Bisous Events and loved working with Jessica! It felt like my friend was at my wedding with me. I truly cannot say enough about how Jessica made our wedding a beautiful event and my vision come to light!


Mango Studio

Mango Studio


Working with Jessica was probably one of the best decisions we made when it came to planning our wedding. We spoke to a few planners before getting her contact information all of which focused on the negative aspects of our wedding day vision and left me feeling helpless. From the moment I spoke with Jessica she was nothing but friendly, positive and offered solutions to the issues the other planners had spoke of. Overall, she reassured me that all of our ideas should be possible and that she would get right on hunting down the best vendors within our budget. The vendors that Jessica recommended to us were also like her very pleasurable to work with and always very responsive. Jessica really has made some wonderful contacts in the Toronto wedding world and knew exactly which one's would work best for our overall theme. In terms of the big day, I cannot put into words properly how she transformed our reception space into our vision. It was like she was in our heads and pulled out every exact detail. She is also extremely good about coordinating with vendors for the day of and makes sure the entire day goes off without a hitch (literally there were none and that is so rare). She is extremely friendly, organized but also firm which is why I think she gets the job done and is well respected by those she has worked with. Overall, I couldn't recommend her to anyone more. If you are searching for a planner even just for day of, look no further!

Scarlett O'Neil Photography

Scarlett O'Neil Photography


After interviewing a handful of planners for same-day coordination, we chose Jess without hesitation (and even upgraded our scope to partial planning). Many of the planners we met felt either too junior / old, too traditional, too by the book, or too expensive. Jess has the right mix of industry experience, maturity, and professionalism, balanced with creativity, trendiness, and a great sense of style. Working with her throughout the process was definitely like working a girlfriend with great recommendations. I am an admitted total control freak and Jess did an amazing job of letting me run in circles when needed and stepping in to guide me when she could see me faltering. In the end, our wedding was so beautiful and exactly what I had envisioned! Thank you Jess for making our big day so perfect and special!

Rhythm Photography

Rhythm Photography


My husband and I were initially looking for a day-of-coordinator for our wedding, but the moment we met Jessica we were so drawn by her enthusiasm, passion and friendly personality that we decided to hire her for Planning instead. Throughout the planning process, Jess really took the time to get to know us as a couple and our vision for the day. She was responsive to all our emails and made the time to meet us on several occasions. She connected us with great vendors, came with us to meetings and always had great suggestions to offer. On the day of our wedding, so many people told me that I was the calmest bride they’ve ever seen (vendors included) and it was because I knew that our wedding was in very capable hands. Jess made sure everything was taken care and executed properly. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more beautiful and memorable day and we have Jess and her team to thank for making that possible.



Jessica was a great help through the gruelling wedding planning process and made it all easier. We enjoyed our meetings with her- which felt like hanging out with an informed friend who happens to be in the business. She gave us great advice, mediated when things got a bit heated between us, and found the perfect balance for our ideas to work in harmony. She brought our vision to life.
On the day of, we didn’t have to worry about anything. The team of vendors she put together were all stellar and executed our combined vision flawlessly. Jessica and Hillary took care of every little detail as we mingled and danced the night away with our family and friends.
We loved working with Jessica and have already recommended her to a few of our friends! She’s a must-have if you’re planning a wedding. We would definitely use her expertise if we decide to get married again. #TeamGeomantic



Aside from choice of the right bride and groom, booking Bisous Events was the best wedding decision we made! Immediately after we met with Jessica to discuss booking month-of planning services, we instantly felt a weight lift off and knew that we were in excellent hands.

There are so many pieces to pre-wedding and day-of organization/set up that just aren't known to people who are planning for the first time. Jessica steered us in the best directions and helped us streamline communications with vendors and maximize their services. She was always available to provide advice (responses within 24 hrs), and in the weeks leading up to the day asked us all the right questions to anticipate elements to help the day run smoothly.

Even if a venue provides a coordinator, their priorities can differ. Jessica and her team are there 100% for you and to advocate on your behalf and deal with any little hiccups that pop up in the day, allowing your guests to just enjoy. We got the feeling that she truly cared about our vision and making the event a success, making every effort to be involved with venue communications and key meetings over and above what was contracted for. 

It also helped that Jessica has impeccable style and she and her team were meticulous in their work. The décor set up reflected our instructions perfectly (or expertly worked around any last minute hurdles). 

As a financial investment, while the peace of mind and comfort on the day alone is worth it, we also felt that the service costs were recovered by her ability to help you focus on what is important to you and re-purpose / maximize décor pieces from the ceremony to the reception. Highly recommend!



We waited until a month or two before the wedding to decide on a day-of-coordinator and hiring Jessica was one decision we never looked back on. Jessica and I hit it off the moment we met - she is friendly yet professional, has a great sense of style, and really tries to get to know you and your vision for the big day. She went through all our plans and ideas to ensure she understood what we expected on the wedding day and I liked that she made suggestions for not only logistics, but also little decor ideas that I missed or didn't even think of. She also wasn't afraid to voice her opinion on her experiences, as she wants only the best for your big day. She is very passionate about what she does and you can see it through her work ethic and overall attitude when corresponding with her. I had no problem relying on her to get things done and she was super responsive throughout the entire process. As the previous reviewer mentioned - it really felt like Jessica was a friend at my wedding and not just a planner. Thanks so much for all your hard work!



We were recommended Bisous Events by another wedding planner who was fully booked. We hired Jessica for wedding coordination. We had eight months to plan our wedding and I knew from the get-go that I needed someone to make sure everything ran smoothly leading up to the big day. 

I had a good feeling about Jessica when I first exchanged emails with her and after talking to her on the phone; I knew that I wanted to go with her as our wedding coordinator and no one else. My now-husband was reluctant to hire someone for wedding coordination as he didn’t see value, but eventually he saw the usefulness of having someone coordinate all the details and ensuring everything ran smoothly and on time the day of. 

She is so friendly, professional, has a great sense of style and is super organized. Jessica also did our flowers (bouquet, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages). She went above and beyond with sourcing the vases for our centerpieces and I loved how they turned out. My husband and I were very appreciative of the fact that Jessica had a wonderful assortment of rentals that we could rent for the big day. 

The big day went off without a hitch. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. If there were any hiccups, we didn’t see any as Jessica and her assistant Hillary took care of every little detail and possibility. 

Kudos to you Jessica! It was a pleasure working with you. I would say the best investment I’ve ever made was hiring a wedding coordinator. I highly recommend Jessica to my friends and family. If I had to do it all over again, I would have hired Jessica for partial planning instead of wedding coordination, given the amount of work it takes to plan a wedding!



Jessica from Bisous Events helped me plan my wedding this past July and I could not be happier with the quality of service I received from her and her team. The day of the wedding was executed perfectly and all of the planning leading up to it was enjoyable with the help of Jessica. She is obviously very passionate about what she does and it shows in her work. Her organizational skills as well as her great sense of style made planning my wedding with her a great experience.



Shortly after our engagement, my fiance and I both knew a wedding planner was definitely a must we will not go without hiring a professional. I found Jessica simply after doing some research online getting in touch was so effortless we met in person when we both flew home (we reside in Alberta but originally from Toronto). The partial planning option was a great choice because overall we knew what we liked and needed help with mainly decor etc. Jessica was always there for any questions no matter how big or small. She went above and beyond for us, on the day of despite the little things we had a great time. The attention to detail was incredible I cannot say enough how great of a day it truly was. Thank you to Bisous Events and Jessica!



We hired Jessica as one of our same day wedding coordinators. We had a large wedding and I wanted someone that would be with me, and my bridesmaids, to make sure everything ran smoothly leading to the reception. Jessica was the perfect choice and executed our vision flawlessly. Jessica went above and beyond what we could have ever expected from her. Jessica attended our rehearsal dinner to get to know our bridal party, contacted every single one of our vendors to make sure everyone was on the same page, and maintained complete poise and composure ensuring that everyone was where they needed to be on the day of. Jessica’s passion shines through her exceptional work. Jessica is a true professional; she is punctual, prepared and completely on point. Our day ran on schedule down to the minute, which speaks entirely to Jessica’s ability as there were 500 guests and a bridal party of 30 people. Jessica just knows how to get the job done; she is somehow everywhere and is able to take control in an unassuming manner. We would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for help in planning their wedding and executing their vision.



We were recommended Bisous events by our photographer. Once I checked out the website I was pleased to see they offered partial panning. Bisous Instagram was magical and portrayed beautifully executed events. I was nervous planning a wedding in only 6 months especially when I did not exactly know what I wanted. Jessica truly gave vision for the design of our wedding. I could not of imagined it any other way. She knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted. When the day arrived I was not stressed, nor worried about any of the details. I fully trusted Jessica and her team. And, I certainly was not wrong too. As I walked into our ceremony and reception I was blown away by how everything looked. It was truly breathtaking. All details flawless. During the planning process Jessica was easy to talk to, she gave excellent creative direction, and was always detail oriented.

Anyone who has the pleasure to work with Jessica is in great hands. She will ensure your dreams come true and make the process fun along the way. She has amazing talents!