Why I do what I do

Wedding planning isn’t easy. Many times as the wedding planner, we internalize the stress for the couple and other vendors to make sure we all stay calm and execute things to our best ability. Sometimes things also happen outside our control, even with all the best planning and contingency plans like weather or late guests. The goal to having the best wedding is having a positive outlook. No matter what happens, the goal is to celebrate with your family and friends that you’re now married to each other - bonded in life.

Thank you for the couples I’ve had the opportunity to work with - especially those that understand all vendors are human and deserve the tools to do our jobs well and at the end of the day, respect.

After everything that happens, nothing melts my heart more than knowing I fulfilled my job and the client is happy. Here is another glowing review from a recent couple:


Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make our wedding day truly incredible. We are so grateful for your persistence, dedication, and thoughtfulness over these last few months.

You were a pleasure to work with and really made the process so easy for us. The day was stunning, and this is really a testament to your dedication and understanding of our personality and vision. We could not have done it without you!!

We’re off to Spain right now, but are wishing you the best for the rest of August!

All the best,

Congratulations to you and your families and thank you for the kind words!

photo by Wilson Lau

photo by Wilson Lau